Antigone 34 is now available in a three DVD’s box set with english subtitles (Region 1: U.S., U.S. Territories, Canada, and Bermuda). In french with english subtitles.

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When veteran policewoman Captain Lea Hippolyte gets assigned the case of a brutally murdered female med student, it looks like it’ll be open and shut: the old story of college students’ excesses leading to tragedy. The case, however, proves more complicated than she first thought. To solve it, Lea joins forces with unlikely colleagues: the victim’s father, Victor, a disbarred doctor, and Helene, a non-conformist psycho-criminologist. Their investigations into « ordinary » crimes intersect with their quest to find out who killed Victor’s beautiful daughter. Sometimes working together, sometimes alone, they encounter contract killers, eco-activists, drug dealers, underage thieves, call girls in need of medical attention, enemies within the police department and the criminals who brought about Victor’s disbarment. Good thing Lea is stoic, unflappable, and a martial arts specialist. Set in Montpelier in the south of France, Antigone 34 is a stylish, fast-paced thriller that examines the dark underbelly that lies beneath one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.

For English people : do not hesitate to post a comment on the website (or here) and your impressions about the dubbing.

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